5 Different Occasions to Use A Limousine Service

Many people associate the use of a chauffeured cars and limousines with lifestyle of the rich and famous. It’s often assumed that behind the tinted windows, must be a celebrity, a politician or a high profile sports star. The reality is that the high profile make up only a small proportion of the clients who use a chauffeur services.

On any give day, our luxury fleet of CitiCar vehicles are transporting people for a range of purposes. Here at 5 of the most common uses for our limousine services in Melbourne and around Australia. 

1.     Wedding Transport


Arriving at the wedding venue in a luxurious vehicle is all part of the experience for the bride. For photo opportunities, and arriving to the excitement of guests, it’s not only the bride and groom who use chauffeured limousines for weddings. The bridal party can also take advantage of chauffeured transport to get them to the church, the reception, and then to the hotel. This means there’s no need for designated drivers, waiting for cabs, and most importantly with weddings, helps make the big day that little bit extra special.

2.     Corporate Transport


Business people who travel often are among the most frequent clients of CitiCar. We handle several corporate travel accounts and offer corporate travel plans. From getting from convention centre or conference venue to the office, to transporting staff members and clients between different offices or branches, many businesses have the need for their team to be on the road. CitiCar can take care of all transport requests for businesses, moving many team members at once in our people mover vehicles and luxury vans.

 3.     Airport Transfers


Did you ever consider that one of the best ways to get to and from the airport isn’t the choked Airport train, which almost costs $20.00 per adult? Even a taxi can be a roll of the dice to get your to the airport on time depending on your driver’s knowledge. When you have a plane to catch or need transport that’s waiting for you when you arrive at your destination, the friendly and reliable door-to-door service of a chauffeured CitiCar is something that you can always count on. For Melbourne airport transfers or airport transfers from any Australian city, call CitiCar today.

 4.     Holiday Touring and Entertainment Venue Transport


Forget the hassle, stress of hiring your own car. Your very own chauffeur can be your private holiday tour guide, and with their great knowledge can take your group on several outings to any specified location. Our drivers often are booked to take holiday makers sightseeing, as well as transporting people to sporting events, concerts and nights on the town.

 5. School Formals


Like weddings, with school formals it’s all about arriving to the venue in style – especially when so many photos will be taken. Make the event something you’ll look back on with fond memories, and save the embarrassment (and the burden) from arriving in your parent’s car, and book transport option that will make you and your date feel like royalty.

For these occasions and so many more, CitiCar are the private ground transport service you can rely for all people – not just the celebrities To get started with arranging a chauffeured service for your next Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne or other capital city airport transfer, all with a luxury fleet of vehicles, book with CitiCar today by calling on 1300 661 119.