The CitiCar Automobile Fleet – The Premium in Corporate Transport

Travelling in supreme comfort and style is something that everyone should be allowed to experience. At no time is comfortable travel more appreciated (and needed) than for tired business travellers needing corporate transport, or jet lagged international arrivals.

No noisy and crowded air trains, no deciphering of complex public transport timetables, no expensive taxis stuck in traffic as the meter keeps ticking upwards – just a set rate, and getting you there on time.

Wherever you need to be, CitiCar can take care of all private and corporate transport needs – and when you book with us, you’ll enjoy travelling in a sophisticated and modern fleet. Here’s a little bit more about the makes and models, and what to expect regarding luxurious range of vehicles that CitiCar operate.

Holden Caprice

In the minds of many, Holden may have the prestige of the European limousine models, but it certainly makes up for plenty of attractive styling, and bling – inside and out. With leather seats, and incredibly roomy interior you’ll be able to stretch out those cramped legs from the plane or office. Featuring chrome trim throughout and a general upmarket feel – it’s easy to see this car cruising the streets of Miami, Abu Dhabi or Vegas – or being your own personalised transport courtesy of CitiCar.

Mercedes Benz S Class

 Described as having a ‘regal’ back seat, you’ll feel of the highest importance travelling in the Mercedes Benz S Class range. It’s got the X-factor, it’s got comfort, it’s got leather seats, and it’s the preferred transport of choice for rappers, royalty, diplomats and delegates. With the most comfortable chair in the rear of the vehicle, you’ll be able to sprawl out on the plush bench and depending on the exact model, the S class range is packed full of nifty features for passengers in the rear. Control the retractable blinds, entertainment system including sound system and LED cabin lighting which can gently illuminate the cabin in 7 different shades at the touch of a button. We think you’ll like this one.

BMW 7 Series

With heated or ventilated front seats (not all models) you’ll be able to travel in supreme comfort over long distances. The BMW 7 series range of limousines also are fitted with noise silencing design to ensure noise from the road surface and terrain is completely minimal. Instead your senses will be attuned to the first class cabin, with elegant combinations of smooth surfaces, soft leather and polished metal. Chances are you’ll enjoy this ride so much, that when you arrive at your destination, you would have secretly wished the journey was just a tad longer.

Offering some of the best premium makes of luxury cars, at CitiCar you can get your need to be in supreme style and comfort. To book your next chauffeured limousine service, contact the team driven to serve you better. Phone 1300 661 119