Brisbane Airport to Maroochydore

Maroochydore lies some way to the north of Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast. For that reason, getting there can take a little while. That is if you don’t have the right transport. With a CitiCar transfer from Brisbane airport to Maroochydore, your trip will feel like a breeze. Here’s why: CitiCar offers the best in comfortable, door to door service. That means we will collect you from Brisbane airport, and drive you to Maroochydore with no stops – unless, of course, that’s what you want.

Our fleet of premium and luxury vehicles are available to you for prices that are on par with most alternatives. Our mantra is a simple one: we strive to deliver the best service, for the lowest costs. Of course, there is an abundance of transport options travelling from Brisbane airport to Maroochydore. But, at CitiCar, we are confident that our services combine comfort, reliability, and affordability better than any other.

Executive Sedan

Modern, sophisticated and comprehensively equipped luxury vehicles. Perfect combination of value and style.

  • $ 188 AUD
  • 1-3
  • 2
  • 2

Premium European Sedan

Big on style and performance, we have some of the world’s truly great sedans including BMW, Mercedes and Audi luxury models.

  • $ 229 AUD
  • 1-3
  • 2
  • 2

Luxury SUV

Smooth & luxurious. The Audi Q7 is where sporty and elegant styling combine to create a vehicle of impeccable style with the luggage space that no sedan can match.

  • $ 229 AUD
  • 1-4
  • 4
  • 4

Luxury People Mover

Our luxury people movers include the Mercedes V Class and Viano with features normally associated with premium sedans. Room for 7 passengers and a luggage trailer.

  • $ 209 AUD
  • 4-7
  • Trailer

Luxury Van

Designed for convenience and generous space these vehicles include ergonomic design and exceptional flexibility for long or short excursions.

  • $ 363 AUD
  • 8-12
  • Trailer

Luxury Minibus

Ready for your executive, family or group requirements. These multi-purpose vehicles include the Mercedes Sprinter and combine comfort, space and style.

  • $ 369 AUD
  • 13-20
  • Trailer

Luxury Mid Sized Coach

When you have a few more in your group, up size to our mid sized coaches for 28-33 people.

  • $ 569 AUD
  • 28-33
  • Trailer

Luxury Coach

Luxury finally meets size. Come and experience our market-leading large coach service. Fantastic coach drivers perfectly match our new fleet of coaches.

  • $ 740 AUD
  • 34-53
  • Trailer

Maroochydore to Brisbane airport: A travel guide

Before you set off to see the sights of Sunshine Coast, it might be helpful to know what to expect. At CitiCar, we are well-acquainted with the trip from Brisbane airport to Maroochydore. So we thought we would draw on some of our experiences to give you some idea of what your trip will be like.

Pick Up and Other Information

Transport time: Airport transfers from Maroochydore to Brisbane airport

Travel times: they’re the foundation of any good plan. It would be hard to make plans without a firm knowledge of how long it’ll take you to get from A to B. That’s why we’ve listed the average travel times right here! Generally, the trip from Brisbane airport to Maroochydore takes between 80 and 100 minutes. However, this time can vary depending on traffic.

Peak Hour Travel Times:

  • Airport to Maroochydore – 110 minutes
  • Maroochydore to airport – 85 minutes

Off Peak Travel Times:

  • Airport to Maroochydore – 90 minutes
  • Maroochydore to airport – 80 minutes

Brisbane airport: Getting to your Maroochydore transfer

When you arrive in Brisbane, you’ll notice that the terminal is quite spread out. Fortunately, though, it’s incredibly easy and quick to navigate. First, follow the signs to the arrivals hall. There, you can collect your luggage. Then, if you’re in the domestic terminal, head out to the front. From there, you’ll see a pick up area. That’s serviced by the arrivals/departures road.

Essentially, that’s the one stop in and out of the airport. It’s an efficient system, and it makes airport runs a breeze! If you’re in the international terminal, simply collect your luggage and walk to the level 2 arrivals road. From there, you can meet your ride to Maroochydore. When it’s time to go home again, the drop off area is along the departures road, on level 4. Both terminals offer great wheelchair accessibility

Maroochydore: What to do before you’re back on your way to Brisbane airport

Maroochydore is famed for its white sand beaches and laid back strip of waterfront shops and restaurants. It has a well-earned reputation as the beating heart of the Sunshine Coast, and when you arrive you’ll see why! Surfing, fishing, boating, shopping, eating, and drinking are just some of the activities that await you. And in equal measure, you can enjoy doing no activities at all! Whatever you choose to do, a CitiCar transfer will be at your disposal. Simply make a booking, and we will collect you from anywhere in Maroochydore!

Other Transport Options

Other transport options from Brisbane airport to Maroochydore

Brisbane airport offers a multitude of options to get to Maroochydore. Here are some other options you could choose.

Trains from Brisbane airport to Maroochydore

Brisbane airport is home to the AirTrain. It’s an efficient mode of transport, which is immune to the delays of peak hour traffic. It departs frequently, as well, so it’s always a transport option at Brisbane airport. However, the AirTrain does not service the Sunshine Coast directly. Getting to Maroochydore from Brisbane airport via train involves a number of transfers. Getting to your accommodation is also likely to require a bus or taxi ride. The train is an efficient mode of public transport, but it simply can’t offer the same service and convenience as a CitiCar transfer.

Taxis: Getting you from Brisbane airport to Maroochydore

When it comes to airport travel, taxis are ubiquitous. They exist in almost every airport on earth, and they’re a reliable method of traversing different cities. However, taxies aren’t great over long distances. For starters, they’re expensive. Taxis use metres to charge customers, which means trips over a certain distance simply don’t possess the same value as shorter trips. Then there’s the comfort; taxis aren’t always the most comfortable form of transport – particularly the older models. With CitiCar, on the other hand, you get fixed price transport, in the comfort of a premium or luxury vehicle.