Chauffeured Cars Melbourne

Traveling around the city of Melbourne on business can become very expensive for both you and the company; especially when you are trying to make a good first impression with potential clients. There are countless options available for transport around the city including trams, taxi cabs, hire cars and even chauffeurs.

Some are surprisingly more affordable than others. Hiring a Melbourne chauffeur service will not only see you arriving on time but you will look the part whilst doing it. Make sure you’re on time, and on brand, by choosing Melbourne’s most stylish transport options!

Benefits Of Chauffeured Cars Melbourne

The benefits of hiring a chauffeur or professional driver do not stop at simply looking professional. This is indeed a positive and something worth noting but services such as these pride themselves on much more than physical appearances. Other benefits may include:

The affordability of a Melbourne chauffeur comes as a surprise to many. So many business travellers are used to sitting in the back of a taxi, worrying about the traffic as they watch the fare meter tick over.

CitiCar offers chauffeured cars in Melbourne at a fixed price for every journey, confirmed at the time of booking, which means you never have to worry about unexpected call out fees, tolls or traffic jams as you travel this busy city.

No longer will you be required to call and hope that your taxi is on its way, as your Melbourne chauffeur is professional and always on time. Your driver will be there waiting for you when you step out of the door and be ready to take you to your required destination, wherever that may be.

As a result of their trained local knowledge, they are punctual and prepared for whatever the city conditions may bring. Unlike drivers or visitors unfamiliar with Melbourne settings, our professional chauffeurs know in advance if there is a protest, fun run, cycle or parade that will inevitably block a road. This eradicates the need for you to wait until you or your taxi driver can find an alternative route. You will conveniently avoid backed up traffic and will be relaxing in the back seat knowing you will reach your destination on time, every time.

Your designated professional driver is there to please you. If you are running late, they will wait. If you need to reschedule your booked time, they are happy to accommodate your needs. Their flexibility is just part of the reliable service they offer their passengers.

Regardless what your occasion may be, there is a car to suit the style, theme and presence you are trying to achieve in the CitiCar fleet. You will not find previous passengers’ rubbish or spilt beverages on the seat; you can expect each vehicle to be clean inside and out for a professional and enjoyable travel experience.

Should you be on business, with a group of employees on a business trip or simply trying to make a good impression to seal an important deal, you will be thrilled with the vehicle options available.

  • Holden Caprice – When affordability is crucial but you still want to be able to enjoy comfort and style, the Holden Caprice is the ideal option for you. It is the perfect car for Melbourne airport transfers or to get you from meeting to meeting.
  • BMW 7 Series – This is a popular choice for corporate travellers and executive clients. With an increase of passengers wanting comfort at affordable prices, the BMW 7 Series offers features that provide that little bit of extra style.
  • Mercedes S Class – Offering guests the ultimate in luxury sedans, this is the car that is perfect for all occasions. This car is enormously popular for corporate employees, airport transfers, weddings, business conferences, birthdays and other special events.
  • Limousine – When travelling to a high profile event such as a wedding or graduation, you want to arrive in style. Our Melbourne limousine hire offers a budget friendly opportunity to look every bit important but maintain the affordability factor. When travelling in large numbers, the fare can be split making it a cheap option for all.
  • Mercedes Viano – Often you may require a larger vehicle but do not want to compromise on luxury features. If travelling in groups of 4-7 people, the Mercedes Viano offers extra room and leather seating for passengers.
  • Larger People Movers – It isn’t uncommon for businesses and their employees to travel together when heading to a conference or meeting. This is when large people movers are an excellent option for travellers. Passengers have the option of standard vehicles including seating for up to 12 people.

These larger vehicles can be fitted with everything from luxury leather seating to DVD-ready TV screens.

Melbourne is a large city that features a lot of one way streets. The many laneways are narrow and the road signs can be confusing. No longer do you have to battle the dangerous Melbourne traffic, chaotic roads and distracted drivers; your Melbourne chauffeur will take care of everything while you sit back and enjoy the ride. If on business, you can rest assured that you are able to work while in transit between meetings and conferences. Why not make a few calls and let the driver worry about the traffic?

You will not need to worry about having to pay for tolls, getting stuck in grid lock traffic, being completely lost or any other frustrating event that may occur on the roads. Your driver ensures every trip offers not only comfort but also convenience to maximise the efficiency of your trip.

Melbourne Chauffeur Service – The Right Transport For Any Occasion!

While Melbourne is a beautiful city to live in and visit, it is difficult to navigate your way around. Whether you are landing at the airport, are requiring transfers to and from your hotel, or you have a meeting in the CBD, don’t waste time and money on unreliable transport options. It is often a safer and smarter option to hire a Melbourne chauffeur to help you reach your desired destination.

Experience the convenience of being collected in your own Melbourne chauffeur driven car when your plane lands without the hassle of trying to find a taxi. The Tullamarine Airport is located 23km from the CBD; during peak times, this could cost you a fortune in taxi fares. Booking a Melbourne chauffeur service with their fixed transfer rate is extremely appealing and beneficial.

Visitors to Melbourne often struggle to navigate their way around each suburb, which makes it difficult when they want to find their hotel and settle in for their stay. It is no surprise travellers have difficulty locating their accommodation as central Melbourne has fifteen suburbs within its borders. Professional Melbourne chauffeurs eliminate the stress and deliver you to your hotel door so all you need to do is check in.

Whether you are the star attraction or a guest at a celebration, there is no reason you cannot make the most of the night. Treat yourself to luxury and most importantly a safe and reliable form of transport home so you can enjoy the celebration to its full potential.

Melbourne is home to many of Australia’s best restaurants. As a result of this, professional meetings often take place in the evening where corporate companies can treat their potential clients to an experience worthy of their business. If a good impression is really required, sending a car to collect the client will put professionalism and respect at the forefront of their minds.

Each suburb of Melbourne offers the city its own distinct flavour so there is something to see and enjoy no matter where you are. The need to hail a taxi cab is no longer required with a CitiCar Melbourne chauffeur on call. You can arrange a driver to take where ever you want or need to go.

You will not only avoid queues, you will also eliminate the need for parking and parking fees. Try these popular locations:

  • Wonderland Fun Park – This place screams fun for the whole family or an exciting weekend full of carnival rides and excitement.
  • Melbourne Star Observation Wheel – See Melbourne from this giant observation wheel and discover the beauty of the city skyline.
  • Harbour Town – The perfect location to get that much desired shopping done. With a large array of stores, there is something to suit everyone.
  • Melbourne Zoo – Situated just five minutes from the city centre, this beautifully landscaped zoo is home to over 250 species from around the world.
  • Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria – Even when visiting Melbourne on business, you should make time to enjoy the beauty that is on offer in the heritage rich city. The Royal Botanic Gardens graces the region with a serene display of gardens and cultural delights.

Don’t risk your business looking unprofessional by showing up late to a meeting or keeping clients waiting as a result of broken down taxis or losing your way. Be business smart and get it right before you lose an important contract and fail to impress.

If you want to travel in style and make a great first impression, contact us now to book your Melbourne chauffeur service!