Sydney Airport to Parramatta

Sydney Airport to Parramatta: Travelling with CitiCar

Located roughly 8km south of the CBD, Sydney airport is about 50-55 minutes’ drive from Parramatta. You could complete this journey any number of ways; there are taxis, buses and trains on offer, among other things. But the best transport option from Sydney airport to Parramatta is a private shuttle or transfer from CitiCar. At CitiCar, we have a fleet of premium and luxury vehicles to suit any traveller’s needs. Ranging from luxury limousines to premium people movers, our vehicles can cater for a wide range of passengers and budgets.

But what sets us apart the most is our service. When you get a chauffeured car or shuttle from Sydney airport to Parramatta, you get door-to-door service from a professional driver. With longstanding experience in the field, CItiCar places great emphasis on service and value for money. In fact, we will collect you from anywhere in and around Parramatta. This saves you having lug your luggage around the city from bus stop to bus stop. Better still, our prices are comparable to most alternatives. Although some, such as buses, may be cheaper, they simply do not offer the prestigious service that we do. And when it comes to group travel, organising a shuttle with CitiCar can actually save you money. So don’t settle for less than 24-hour door-to-door service; don’t settle for less than CitiCar.

Executive Sedan

Modern, sophisticated and comprehensively equipped luxury vehicles. Perfect combination of value and style.

  • $ 103 AUD
  • 1-3
  • 2
  • 2

Premium European Sedan

Big on style and performance, we have some of the world’s truly great sedans including BMW, Mercedes and Audi luxury models.

  • $ 117 AUD
  • 1-3
  • 2
  • 2

Luxury SUV

Smooth & luxurious. The Audi Q7 is where sporty and elegant styling combine to create a vehicle of impeccable style with the luggage space that no sedan can match.

  • $ 117 AUD
  • 1-4
  • 4
  • 4

Luxury People Mover

Our luxury people movers include the Mercedes V Class and Viano with features normally associated with premium sedans. Room for 7 passengers and a luggage trailer.

  • $ 130 AUD
  • 4-7
  • Trailer

Luxury Van

Designed for convenience and generous space these vehicles include ergonomic design and exceptional flexibility for long or short excursions.

  • $ 154.50 AUD
  • 8-12
  • Trailer

Luxury Minibus

Ready for your executive, family or group requirements. These multi-purpose vehicles include the Mercedes Sprinter and combine comfort, space and style.

  • $ 231.75 AUD
  • 13-20
  • Trailer

Luxury Small Coach

Perfect for groups up to 27 people, our luxury small coaches are a new way to experience group travel. Enjoy luxurious leather seating with plenty of space.

  • $ 257.50 AUD
  • 21-27
  • Trailer

Luxury Mid Sized Coach

When you have a few more in your group, up size to our mid sized coaches for 28-33 people.

  • $ 283.25 AUD
  • 28-33
  • Trailer

Luxury Coach

Luxury finally meets size. Come and experience our market-leading large coach service. Fantastic coach drivers perfectly match our new fleet of coaches.

  • $ 792 AUD
  • 34-53
  • Trailer

Your Journey from Parramatta to Sydney Airport: Important Information

When it comes to airport travel in Sydney, you have a whole host of pick up and drop off options. To help you choose which is most suitable, we have listed the most convenient options and important information below.

Pick Up and Other Information

Airport Shuttle Parramatta: Your Average Travel Times

Navigating Sydney’s traffic can often lengthen your time spent travelling from Parramatta to Sydney airport. To help you prepare for this, we have gathered the average travel times between your two destinations. During peak hour, getting from Sydney airport to Parramatta takes 55 to 100 minutes. At the same time, travelling from Parramatta to Sydney airport, you can expect a journey of 45 to 90 minutes. Off peak, this shortens to 40-70 minutes from the airport, and 35-60 minutes to the airport.

Sydney Airport to Parramatta: Getting Picked up at the Airport

When you arrive at Sydney, you can expect to experience the hustle and bustle of Australia’s largest airport. Luckily, despite the large number of passengers, pick-ups and drop offs are easy. At the international terminal, you can go to the express pick up section, in P9 car park. Here, there is 15 minutes’ free waiting on offer. For departing passengers, simply travel to the departures level, where you will find plenty of kerbside spaces, including some for disabled passengers.

The domestic terminals have blue emu, express, and priority pick up sections, as well as kerbside spaces. Blue Emu is located offsite, so you’ll have to allow for some travel time in between the park and terminal. Express pick up is an 8-minute walk from the terminal, and priority pick up is just four minutes away – but it does cost the most, beginning at $4. Drop offs are easier still, with kerbside spaces on offer at the departures level. All three of the terminals that comprise Sydney airport are equipped with free Wi-Fi. They also have fantastic retail and dining facilities, so you won’t find yourself short of opportunities.

Parramatta to Sydney Airport: Pick up Points in Parramatta

As a part of our commitment to the best door-to-door service, our drivers will collect you from any point in Parramatta. Located 23km to the west of Sydney’s CBD, on the banks of the Parramatta River, Parramatta is a major business and commercial centre. Being the economic capital of Greater Western Sydney, it is not short on things to do, including shopping and dining. And with CitiCar, seeing it is as easy as ever!

Other Transport Options

Other Transport Options: Sydney Airport to Parramatta

Of course, Sydney airport has an abundance of transport options on offer. However, if you compare their prices and service to that of CitiCar, you will find that we offer the best value for money and unrivalled service.

Airport Trains: Cheaper than a Sydney Airport to Parramatta Taxi Fare

Airport trains are a great form of public transport; they are not affected by traffic and they run very reliably. However, travelling from Sydney airport to Parramatta on the train is likely to take a considerable amount of time. It will also involve changing at Central Station. With heavy luggage, this can be quite burdensome – especially after a long flight. Further, if you are travelling in a group, you will find that a shuttle from CitiCar equates to a similar or even cheaper price per person.

Taxi From Sydney Airport to Parramatta

All of the terminals in Sydney airport are serviced by efficient taxi ranks. But even the most efficient ranks fall victim to rush hour traffic. As a result, the queues get long and waiting times can reach as long as half an hour. When you reach your taxi, it is unlikely to have the cleanliness and luxuriousness of a chauffeured car from CitiCar as well. And ultimately, you stand to save little more than 20% on your fare. With CitiCar, you get a luxury vehicle, door-to-door service and a professional chauffeur, as well as the option to choose from our range of shuttle buses and people movers.

Buses and Airport Shuttles: Parramatta

As with most airports, Sydney airport is regularly serviced by buses and shuttles. Private shuttle companies like Con-X-ion run frequent services, and there are scheduled buses for even less. However, these services stop for all passengers on board, which means they lack the precision and efficiency of CitiCar. Our shuttle services are direct and private, so you and your group can enjoy comfort and luxury, for a similar price.