Chauffeured Cars Sydney

Hiring a chauffeur driven car to get you around Sydney is not a service limited only to the rich and famous. You’ll be surprised at how affordable a Sydney chauffeur is and even more impressed at the service you will enjoy, particularly when you choose CitiCar.

It’s comforting to know that whether you are in Sydney for business or pleasure, opting for a Sydney chauffeured car is a clever, practical choice. We get you around town in comfort, arriving at your destination on time, every time.

Chauffeured Cars Sydney

The range of vehicles available to all clients of CitiCar is extensive. Each car is regularly maintained to pristine standards and is also serviced with your safety in mind.

What’s also very important to know is that the variety of cars in the fleet come in different sizes and shapes so if there is a style that you are particularly fond of, just ask. Would you prefer a practical people mover or a sleek black number? Make your request it when booking. Making a statement and turning up to a conference in style has never been easier.

Citicar’s Sydney chauffeur driven cars include a range of luxury sedans which are designed with plenty of boot space for luggage and comfortably accommodate those travelling for business or pleasure, travelling to and from the airport.

Corporate clients are typically very keen to be seen in one of the latest BMW 7 series cars or the Mercedes, both of which offer just that bit more space and impressive luxurious comfort. Choosing to be driven in and around Sydney in one of these models is as easy as requesting an upgrade.

If you are travelling with a group of executives or need a Sydney chauffeur driven car to take you and your colleagues from your place of business to a conference, consider hiring one of the roomier vehicles in the fleet or even a limousine. Large people movers not only ensure you arrive in complete comfort but, better still, you will all arrive together. That means no one will miss the all-important start.

All of Citicar’s chauffeur drivers in Sydney are complete professionals and present themselves immaculately.

With all of the required background checks and regulations met, each driver has an intimate knowledge of Sydney’s streets and the surrounding suburbs. No more jumping into a taxi and going around in circles! And forget having to hire your own car and navigate the maze of inner city one way streets whilst trying to work out how to use the inbuilt GPS.

Drivers understand the most efficient routes to take at all times of the day or night, know how to best judge travel times to ensure you are never late for a meeting or your flight, and are always on time to collect you. They are also happy to wait for you whilst you are in transit too, so no need to co-ordinate another car to pick you up again.

Better still, when you pre-book a CitiCar Sydney chauffeur driven car, it will always turn up, guaranteed. With pre-planned routes and developed contingencies in place, all you need to do is sit back and relax. And if you want to enquire with your Sydney chauffeur for an up-to-date and accurate judgment of your expected arrival time, all you need to do is ask. All our Sydney chauffeurs also undergo stringent training, which guarantees that they can handle the particular vehicle they drive, and always travel with the safety of passengers as top priority.

One of most common reasons people repeatedly choose to rely on CitiCar when in Sydney is because the service offered is such good value for money. It really is an inexpensive solution when you consider the service and comfort on offer.

CitiCar guarantees upfront, transparent fixed costs on each and every trip. You no longer need to hail a taxi or wait in a long taxi queue, and then constantly keep your eye on the fare meter in case you don’t have enough funds to cover the trip. You no longer need to curse under your breath as the cab driver sits idle in one of Sydney’s notorious peak hour traffic jams or have to help with the navigation in a suburb you are just as unfamiliar with, all while your fare continues to rise.

Whilst hiring a rental car and driving yourself is always an option, if you are not a local to Sydney, chances are you may spend far too much time setting up your GPS or having to stop for directions, or even petrol, wherever you go. That not only wastes precious time but also can cause you to arrive to your conference or meeting rather frazzled. Let’s not forget having to find a car park too!

When you step inside a CitiCar chauffeur driven car and sit back in luxurious comfort, your driver will already know where you want to go, so all you need to do is relax.

This kind of service with a smile is priceless. Don’t you agree?

International visitors to Sydney on business, and even those from interstate, benefit from being able to rely on a hire car to transport them to and from the airport or to attend a convention out of town. CitiCar’s Sydney airport transfer service is the perfect option to make your arrival and departure from Sydney absolutely seamless. 

Stepping off a plane and having to then negotiate traffic is certainly not the best solution and most likely won’t leave you arriving in the best frame of mind. Sitting in a luxurious leather-seated car however, allows you to take a breather, collect your thoughts and even catch up on a few phone calls or last minute work.

If you enjoy travelling with music, your friendly Sydney chauffeur will happily play your favourite tunes or, if you prefer peace and quiet, your private driver will most certainly oblige. Whatever you are after, your needs will be met.

CitiCar also offers all of their executive clients access to exclusive corporate accounts. If frequent travel is part of your working day or your business has many employees who regularly seek out the services of a hire car, a corporate account means that all your needs are handled in one spot for a zero service fee.

Signing up for a corporate account is fast and straightforward and allows you the flexibility of making bookings for required transportation, whenever you need to, without the requirement to pay straight away.

Convenient monthly invoicing means processes are simplified and overall the service you and your business receives is even further improved. Corporate accounts really are a professional option and they allow all staff members, no matter where they work in Sydney or interstate, to use the one account and enjoy a simplified chauffeur car booking process each and every time.

Whether you are in Sydney on business or for pleasure, CitiCar Chauffeured Cars Sydney provides a range of impeccably maintained vehicles, perfectly suited for you needs, as well as up front, fixed prices and guaranteed service so you’ll never be caught out. For full day hire, multi hour options or a timeframe that meets your requirements, all you need to do is make an enquiry either online or over the telephone and pre-book your car.

Choose from a selection of available vehicles, nominate the timeframe that you need transportation for, and your courteous driver will greet you as promised. And if you have spare time in between meetings or happen to be staying in town over night, organise for a Sydney chauffeured car to collect you from your hotel and take in some of the sights and sounds of the area. Maybe a drive over the Harbour Bridge is something you’ve always dreamt of doing?

You could also head across town to the stunning Botanical Gardens or even take a tour of Chinatown. Sydney offers a myriad of attractions so, if time permits, organise to be taken around town and enjoy some of what this great city has to offer. Chauffeur-driven cars in Sydney make your life easier.

Navigating through the crazy traffic in the heart of the city at any hour of the day can be a very daunting task. Even the locals choose to rely on hire car solutions for hassle free travel! Hiring a chauffeur driven car in Sydney is always an ideal solution. Concentrate on your journey ahead and leave the stress of traffic navigation to CitiCar’s professional and competent drivers. A CitiCar Sydney chauffeur is driven to serve and you won’t be disappointed. CitiCar has a fleet of vehicles suitable for every requirement and a team of drivers ready to transport you wherever you need to go.

Contact CitiCar today to enquire about a corporate account or to book your chauffeur car for when you next travel to Sydney.

CitiCar Chauffeured Cars Sydney are the perfect choice for you to rely on for your next visit to incredible Sydney.