Terms of Service

CitiCar Australia (CitiCar) and its associated Operators and Licensees are not common carriers and may refuse to carry any person/s without giving reason. CitiCar and each Operator and Licensee is responsible for services provided by it and has no liability for any other services.

It is the hirer’s responsibility to read the FULL TERMS & CONDITIONS closely as confirming a booking stipulates you accept the TERMS & CONDITIONS without exception.

Subject to the terms, CitiCar, its Operators and Licensees have no responsibility for costs or losses including missed flights or travel connections, resulting from diversion, substitution, alterations, cancellations, delay’s or booking errors. It is the hirer’s responsibility to advise of any changes as full costs may be incurred.

Passengers must comply with all laws and regulations in the state they are travelling and with the instructions of CitiCar, its Operators and Licensees.


CitiCar, its Operators and Licensees are insured for passenger travel. This insurance is for public liability and NOT travel insurance. Although every effort will be made to ensure the safe keeping of personal property, we do not accept liability for loss or damage of personal items. Please check that you have sufficient coverage for any personal property that is brought into our vehicles.

Credit Card Transactions

If the transport or service is purchased with a credit card, purchaser agrees to make payment in full when billed or in extended payments in accordance with the standard policy of the issuer of the credit card.

Credit Card Surcharge

Credit card surcharges may apply at the discretion of the local Customer Service Centre where the service has taken place. All rates are inclusive of GST and are charged per hour, per vehicle, and for Direct Transfers unless fixed or other prices are quoted.

Rates do not include:- ground transportation charges such as Airport parking, road & bridge tolls, telephone usage, baby seats, and entrance fees to tourist attractions or special requests. Credit card fees, booking fees and collection fees, may be incurred, check with the Customer Service Centre for further information.

Waiting Time Policy

Arriving Passengers at airports Standard complimentary waiting time varies dependant on arriving terminal, however as a guide Domestic arrivals consist of 15 minutes complimentary waiting time, whilst International arrivals have 30 minutes. This may vary, however the policy will be advised at the time of booking. No extra charges are levied for flight delays.

Departing Passengers

For transfers to the airport, the complimentary waiting time allowance is 15 minutes from the booked pick up time. If the passenger makes the vehicle wait longer than 15 minutes, waiting time at the applicable booked vehicle hourly rate per 5 minutes (or part thereof) may apply.


Any changes/amendments to your booking after confirmation can only be accepted subject to availability. CitiCar, its Operators and Licensees reserve the right to charge an amendment fee in respect of any change to your booking, in addition to any other applicable charges in relation to the amendment.